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Hi I’m Dan from the Gamefroot team.

Making games has been a dream of mine ever since I was a wee little thing playing on my Commodore 64.

Well kinda.

I think back then I just wanted to blow things up and read 2000AD comics, my first actual memory of wanting to make a game was after completing Leisure Suite Larry. I was well upset that Leisure Suit Larry 2 didn’t exist at the time so I wrote my own game – it never went anyway but it was the thought that counts. All you old school Sierra fans know what I’m talking about when I say this, but has there ever been a more engaging and awesome game then Quest for Glory? Nope. There definitely hasn’t.

So here I am years later, about to launch an HTML5 Game Creation tool that would allow me or anybody else in the world to create their own game. If you can use a web browser and if you can use mouse to click and drag – then you can use Gamefroot. The bar has finally been lowered – other people have promised it but none have been as easy as this, with Gamefroot you no longer need to be a programmer to make games!

What is awesome about Gamefroot in my opinion? Gamefroot allows you to make awesome games. It allows you to make big games, small games, adventure games, happy games, sad games, story based games, space games, sci-fi games, and with our Scratch-based user Interface for creating advanced behaviors, you can pretty much make any type of game your imagination can come up with.

Thanks for checking us out!


Dan Milward

9 Replies to “Welcome to Gamefroot”

  1. Loving everything at the moment. Although there seems to be noway of editing an Advanced Behaviour once you’ve made it. The properties tool wont have a bar of it 🙁

  2. Thanks so much dude! I really wanted to make a game and Java or CC+ takes so long to learn though. Thanks for making games without learning a computer language possible!

    1. Exactly!! Gamefroot is way better in that sense – while you may not learn a particular syntax in Gamefroot you certainly learn programming principles, so should you ever need to make a game outside of Gamefroot…. which should never need happen, you’ll be in a better position then you were pre Gamefroot 😀

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