Learn math by making games!

Gamefroot now makes learning even easier with our brand new resources sidebar. After seeing the success of the widely influential Hour of Code and Kahn Academy styled learning areas, we’ve begun stocking our own sidebar full of easy to use learning resources.


By leading students through a set of steps covering both theory and practical application, these resources enable learners to create useful and fun game mechanics with a focus on core learning outcomes.

Learning Trigonometry with Bloons Tower Defense

Our first cross curriculum learning resources focus on Trigonometry and maths concepts. We’ve partnered with New Zealand-based game developers Ninja Kiwi to bring learners engaging learning resources.

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These resources guide learners through the process of recreating core components of the popular BloonsTD game while learning maths at the same time. How cool is that!

Various learning outcomes include:

– Measuring distances with Pythagoras
– Vectors
– Trigonometry with sine and cosine
– Applying tan and inverse tan

We’ve condensed the above learning outcomes into three engaging resources, one free and two paid, which are all available right now in our resources sidebar in the Gamefroot level editor. Don’t just take our word for it! When was the last time you heard somebody say this about their maths class?

“This was a great experience. I learnt how to use Trigonometry and Pythagoras in gaming and coding. I think that more kids should get to do this. Thank you!!”

– Paige Te Tai, Year 9 Student, Pt England School

What’s next?

Over coming weeks we’ll be launching resources for NCEA Digital Technologies (AS91075 and AS91076) and we are also working with our teacher partners to bring you a slick suite of Science resources where you can program your own viruses!

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  1. Hi Guys

    Its Paige,

    This is so exciting i cant wait I convinced our deputy principal to get some students that would like to code and this is what i will show them. I also used the photos that Ms M (Olivia) took as a presentation to show Manaiakalani. They loved that. Thank you again for the oppurtunity. Might see you later on in life

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