Artist spotlight #1

Gamefroot is pleased to introduce Kings Vs. Pigs from our friends at Pixel Frog

Kings Vs. Pigs

It’s time to settle the age old question… Who would win? One king or swarms of pigs, all with detailed animations allowing them to hide in boxes, throw bombs and more! 

Battle King to Pig King, build awesome environments with beautiful tile brushes and decals! 

Make a fun and challenging level using the Kings Vs. Pigs pack. 

How To Use

The king must knock out all the pigs before he can exit the level. 

Creating Rooms

First, draw the outside of the room using the bright brick tilemap brush. This is dark on the inside, so you can go all the way to the edge of the screen to fill it in.

Second, create a new tilemap layer; drag it to the bottom of the layers; and turn collisions OFF. Now draw the background of the room using the pale brick tilemap brush. This is dark on the outside, so just draw up to the edges of the room and you’ll get a nice shadow.

Adding Features

Select the Background layer.

First, add an Entrance Door and an Exit Door.

Now add platforms. There are two kinds, and two lengths. Normal platforms cannot be jumped through. Passable platforms can be jumped through upwards, but not downwards. Use platforms to add some complexity to your level.

Finally, there are two kinds of window, and two kinds of banner. Add these purely for decoration, to lighten up that dreary castle.

Adding the Player

Create a new layer. You might call it “Foreground”.

Place the King in front of the Entrance Door. This is where he walks into the level.

Adding Enemies

Add pigs and the King Pig to your level to add some opposition.

Pigs are smart, and you can make them smarter. They have the following properties that you can edit per pig:

•    health (default 90, 120 for King Pig; attacks do 30 damage)

•    infiniteThrows (default false; if true, the pig can pick up an object and throw it forever. The King Pig cannot pick up items.)

•    leapOffLedges (default false; if true, the pig will jump off platforms to chase the player)

•    leapOntoLedges (default false; if true, the pig will jump onto low platforms to chase the player. Regular pigs will pick up crates and bombs, but the King Pig will jump onto them instead. He likes looking down on people.)

•    playerDetectRadius (default 512, 256 for King Pig; the distance beyond which the pig will chill and stop chasing the player. The screen is 960 units wide.)

Place crates and bombs for the pigs to pick up and hurl at the player, or for the player to jump on. Note that regular pigs might steal all the crates and bombs!

Place a cannon where a pig can reach it, and the pig will start shooting the cannon. Scale the cannon backwards in the X axis to have it fire in the opposite direction.

Adding Rewards

After the player beats the pigs, they deserve a reward. Place diamonds and hearts around the level to top up the player.

Adding Technical Widgets

The default level is properly set up. If you’re making your own level, make sure you add the following pieces:

•    Life bar

•    Small heart for life bar

•    Diamond score

•    Number for score

•    Cannonball (needed for the cannon to fire)

•    Four box pieces (needed for crates thrown by pigs)

The game will crash if some of these are missing, so be careful.

In conclusion

The following link will open our demo game. Feel free to build on top of ours or create your own new levels.

Have fun!

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