Gamefroot 4.3 update

Close on the heels of last week’s very large and significant 4.2 update, we have launched Gamefroot 4.3. A smaller release to address a Google Login issue that some users were reporting. 

We also took the opportunity to include two new minor features:

Level import/export

This feature is good for teams and classrooms working on the same game. 

Imagine a group of people all working on the same game but working on a different level. As of Gamefroot 4.3 individuals can work on separate levels that can be imported into one master game. 

Exporting: Click on the Levels button in the left hand sidebar. Click on a level to see its settings, then click on the Export Level button to save the level to your computer.

Importing: Click on the plus button in the levels navbar. Find the saved level file on your computer to upload it. 

Updated Publish and Share settings

As of Gamefroot 4.3 Edu Pro users have the option to publish a game to the Gamefroot Arcade WITHOUT a public remix link.

In a future update (coming soon) we will also be adding the ability to publish games privately and prevent them from being listed in the Gamefroot Arcade.


2 Replies to “Gamefroot 4.3 update”

  1. how about instead of this you work on making it so that a single code block doesnt crash your entire computer. the ‘repeat while/until block is broken and flawed for such a useful line of code, fix your broken engine.

  2. Hi Vihaka. Thanks for your note.

    We’re sorry you’ve had a bad experience. It might help to know more about the while block.

    It doesn’t wait and watch a condition. It actually runs over and over until the condition is met, without waiting between loops. It’s designed to complete a task immediately, but if you don’t give it a clear exit condition, it can run forever. If you let us know what you were trying to do, we might be able to give you more pointers.

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