Web3 toolkit for games

Gamefroot has launched the first iteration of it’s Web3 toolkit for games.

This first release makes it easy for developers to add crypto wallet integration, display NFTs, the ability to read and write from a cloud database and add multiplayer (yes multiplayer) functionality to their games.

Thanks to the power of the Moralis Web3 SDK and OpenSea APIs, Gamefroot users can now start to create Web3 games.

Version 1.0 beta features:

– MetaMask / Crypto Wallet integration
– Ability to display players  digital NFT collection in game
– Ability to create NFT membership areas – projects that are only accessible to people that hold certain digital collections (NFTs)
– Reading & Writing data to cloud database

Roadmap (very high level):

– Ability to transfer NFTs
– Ability to mint NFTs
– Cronos integration

Try it out 

For those interested in testing new Web3 features hit up the following links and let us know what you think in the comments and in our Discord.

1.  Open Gamefroot
2.  Work through Web3 tutorial (beta)


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