Artist spotlight #1

Gamefroot is pleased to introduce Kings Vs. Pigs from our friends at Pixel Frog

Kings Vs. Pigs

It’s time to settle the age old question… Who would win? One king or swarms of pigs, all with detailed animations allowing them to hide in boxes, throw bombs and more! 

Battle King to Pig King, build awesome environments with beautiful tile brushes and decals! 

Make a fun and challenging level using the Kings Vs. Pigs pack. 

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TVNZ children’s site team up with Gamefroot


Gamefroot is very pleased to announce our successful application for NZ On Air funding to integrate game making capabilities into the upcoming TVNZ children’s site.

The TVNZ children’s site will become home to awesome kiwi made content including animated web series, games, competitions and, thanks to Gamefroot, a brand new space for kids to make their own video-games.

Kids will be able to watch their favorite content online and then through integration with Gamefroot, make their own video-games based on that content.

It’s no secret that today’s kids love playing video-games. This development will help support kiwi kids transition from game consumers to game makers where they will get to hone their skills in game design, coding and storytelling.

We are excited to be part of the TVNZ family and can’t wait to get started on the development! I’ll keep you posted.

– Dan

Dunedin Code Red Workshop


Code Red “Learn to Code” Workshops are a collaboration between Gamefroot, The Public Libraries Association of New Zealand and various city councils including Hutt, Nelson, Dunedin, Porirua, Gisborne and Timaru City Councils.

Participants are taken through making a game from start to finish. During that process are being taught computer programming principles that prepare them for the 21st century job market.

Last week Dave from team Gamefroot ran Code Red Workshop #1 at the Dunedin Public Library. Feedback from students and parents at the workshops and the community event was very positive. The event was also covered by the Otago Daily Times.

Here’s the low down:

29/9/2015 – Teachers Workshop
7 teachers attended, 1 returned as a mentor on the Wednesday. Her son was attending the workshop

30/9/2015 – Workshop (10-14 year olds)
23 attended (12 had laptops)

1/10/2015 – Workshop (10-14 year olds)
21 attended (13 had laptops)

2/10 Workshop (15-18 year olds)
14 attended (11 had laptops)

2/10/2015 Community Event
32 attended

Location & Computers
The teachers workshop took place in the Dunningham Suite on the 4th floor of the Dunedin city library using teachers laptops and APNK wifi.

The students workshops took place in the computer room on the 1st floor of the city library using students laptops, Library APNK PCs and APNK wifi. The community event took place in the Dunningham Room on the 4th floor of the city library.