Game Maker Workshops for Students

Gamefroot Game Maker Workshops are run by a Gamefroot staff member with students in class time. The workshops cover a broad range of learning outcomes, and can also be specifically tailored in three different directions depending on the skill level and preferences of your group:

  • Create an adventure game! (Beginner)
    A workshop focusing on building a basic game world from pre-existing terrain and characters, and engaging with creative writing by planning and creating games with a narrative structure and character development.
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  • Learn the principles of game coding (Beginner to intermediate)
    A workshop focusing on Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics skills by creating games made up of interactive objects scripted with our intuitive drag-and-drop code block editor.
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  • Build a game with your own digital art (Intermediate)
    A workshop focusing on the visual arts and design by having attendees create their own artwork for characters and environments in a game (preferably students will have some image editing software experience – we’ll be using DeviantART Muro – though we can cover the basics if students are new to image editing software). Students can share their own art assets and use artwork that other’s have posted all through the Gamefroot Marketplace.
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Workshops are for groups of 10–20 students aged 8–16+. A computer room with a with a projector, enough computers for each attendee, and a stable internet connection (the faster the better) is all that is required. We can run the workshops during the school holidays, as well as during normal school hours.


Contact us for a quote or find out how to get a Gamefroot workshop at your school. Contact us for more information.


Here’s some feedback from workshops we’ve run in the past:

“Thank you both for your contribution to YouthTek14. Students really enjoyed the Gamefroot training and appreciated Dave’s style of training. Some of the feedback received about Dave: Very kind, patient, helpful, a nice guy, and a good demonstration of how to use Gamefroot” 

– Joanne Dillon, from Youthtek 2014 at Te Takere, Levin.

 “It was great to have stimulating and engaged workshops for kids during the holiday programme which really linked in perfectly with our UFB celebration.”

– Darren Mason, CEO Northpower Fibre

“The Gamefroot crew provided a fun experience for the children at Northpower Fibre’s technology hub in Whangarei. The kids were glued to their screens once they saw how easy it was to make their own games! The workshop leaders made sure no one was left behind, and everyone followed along while making their own unique creations. Gamefroot were professional and reliable – they delivered the experience they promised and more.

When a telecommunications hitch arose, they used their initiative to manage their way around it, so the children’s fun wasn’t interrupted. The kids have seen that they aren’t limited to being consumers of digital entertainment, now that they can make their own games and share them with each other. Partnering with Gamefroot was an enriching experience for all of us, and we would have no hesitation in working with them again in any future technology hub developed by our partners and local stakeholders.” 

– Anna Verboeket, from Crown Fibre

If you’d like to further discuss the details of the workshops we run, please let us know. You can email Dave at our Gamefroot office at