Gamefroot Teacher Training

We can run a training workshop solely for teachers. We’ll walk you through exactly how Gamefroot works, and cover what you’ll need to know to answer any tricky questions from students.

We’ll cover:

  • How to use Gamefroot Groups as a hub to access your student’s projects
  • How to demonstrate the basic game creation process to your students, from building a game world, to adding characters, to saving and publishing games
  • How to share game resources with your class
  • Gamefroot and the curriculum

We’ll even give you direct support from Gamefroot HQ.


Here’s some feedback we’ve had from educators using Gamefroot:

Gamefroot is an amazing tool because it strikes the perfect balance between premade content and ease of use (it’s ridiculously easy to get started with), and open features like the ability to upload your own pictures and animations and program them with scratch programming, which is as easy as clicking blocks of lego together, providing the opportunity for deep engagement with digital design and programming.

Kids at the library love it and spend hours making games, then playing the games with their friends, getting feedback and improving more and more. It’s the perfect tool that I need for facilitating the learning of digital literacy which is so important for future proofing our youth. 

-Hamish Lindop, Senior Librarian – Children and Youth, Avondale Library in Auckland.

I’ve used Gamefroot extensively with senior high school students, purpose-building an NCEA Media Studies course in game design around the engaging versatility of the Gamefroot development platform. As an introduction to the world of game development, I’ve found nothing better.

-Edwin McRae, Game Designer and Educator

Workshop Costs

We typically charge just enough to cover travel from our headquarters in Wellington to your location, accommodation costs and our time spent running the workshop.

We know that not all schools are created equal, but that doesn’t mean our kids should be subjected to a lower quality education. We are more than willing to discuss payment options with you.

If you’d like to further discuss the details of the workshops we run, please let us know. You can email Dave at our Gamefroot office at