Gamefroot learning Resources

Combining game development with your local curriculum

Gamefroot learning packages bring together the art of game development with step-by-step courses ready to be integrated seamlessly into your class-room or curriculum.

How it works:

Our learning packages teach kids to code in on a fun, easy to use platform. Each of our courses utilise the Gamefroot platform to bring in other learning elements such as Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

Te Hiko Tākaro

The most complete Computational Thinking (CT) + Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes (DDDO) solution for teachers and students.

Themed Gamefroot activities

Whether you’d like to try a one off package in your classroom, or you’d like to integrate a selection of courses into your curriculum at your community of learning – we’re flexible and ready to support you!

Mihi Maker – Students explore their heritage and create their pepeha in the form of a game, ready to be shared with their friends and whanau.

Aotearoa 1840 – Students learn how museums tell their stories, hone their critical thinking skills and interact with your museum in an exciting, new way.

Museum Maker – Students learn how museums tell their stories, hone their critical thinking skills and interact with your museum in an exciting, new way.

These tutorials and more are available in the Gamefroot tutorials sidebar and / or in

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Additional Services:

Gamefroot Teacher Training

Gamefoot can run workshops with teachers on how to use Gamefroot in an educational context and incorporate our curriculum aligned lesson plans in the classroom. Contact us for our per day teacher training and PD rates.

Update: In partnership with CORE Education Gamefroot are now able to offer accredited Digital Fluency professional development to teachers in New Zealand. For more information contact

Student Workshops

Our team has extensive experience running student game design workshops in schools, libraries, museums and community maker spaces.

Students who participate in our workshops enjoy a hands-on experience developing and publishing their own digital outcome built using the coding concepts outlined in the New Zealand digital technologies learning areas withing the New Zealand Curriculum.

Update: Introducing Game Dev Clubs. Game Dev Club is like Code Club for kids that want to go beyond Scratch and existing Code Club activities. Our clubs are perfect for kids who love gaming technologies and want to focus their Computational Thinking skills on developing video games.

For more information contact

Activity and curriculum development

Our speciality is to collaborate with educators, and our fellow industry game designers to create deliciously attractive and engaging activities for young learners.

Gamefroot activities are based on constructionist learning models and backed by skills based rubrics.

If you have seen an Hour of Code activity you’ll have an idea for the type of activities Gamefroot offer learners. If you’ve ever had an idea for an Hour of Code style online course and wondering how to make it please contact us. We can help!