Interactive Fiction Games in Gamefroot

Creating Interactive Fiction Games in Gamefroot

We recently updated our user interface to make creating Interactive Fiction games in Gamefroot even easier. We’ve done this by adding “visual wires” that you can use to connect passages of text together. 

Here are three example games that we have made in partnership with our friend and fellow game designer Edwin “Narrative Designer Extraordinaire“ McRae. 

These example games have been made to inspire your own thinking plus give you something to open up and pull apart. This will give you insights into how interactive fiction games are structured and how they are built by the pros.

Virus Game – Digital Technologies + English Language Learning

This game serves a couple of purposes. It’s a good example of a complex interactive fiction game, it’s a good story and it includes the use of variables to determine whether the player has collected a key – select a Logic node and have a look at it’s Properties to see how it works. All very useful when it comes to creating your own interactive fiction game. 

Remix to see how it’s made:

Forest Paths

This game is small but cute. There are only a handful of passages to choose from but we’re sure you’ll like it.

The cool thing about this game is how we can switch out the background images on a passage by passage basis. 

We encourage you to test it out by remixing the game, having a play through and exploring the code. The different backgrounds are animations inside the background object. Have a look at the Properties on each passage of text to see how they are triggered.

Remix to see how it’s made:

Misery High

With a little bit of planning and some creative writing, you can create a fairly complex story with multiple branches and outcomes.

Remix Misery High and click around to see how its built. 

Remix to see how it’s made:

Interactive Fiction Competition – for NZ students

If you’re a student or a teacher based in New Zealand and you’re interested in creating Interactive Fiction games we’re running a competition called “The Great NZ Histories Student Game Design Competition” in partner partnership with Interface Magazine.

For more information please click the following link:

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