Gamefroot 4.5 release – Wires!

We’re excited to announce Gamefroot 4.5 – Wires! 

We’ve made lots of improvements and squashed bugs to make Gamefroot better for you.

This release also includes one major feature that we’re calling Wires. Wires allow you to visually represent coordinates and connect game objects on the screen that have until now only been accessible to you via code. 

Here are two couple of examples of how we’re adding wires to make your Gamefroot experience ever better! 

Interactive Fiction 

In this pick-a-path style example, Gamefroot uses wires to visually link text. This allows writers and game developers alike to focus on the writing and structure of their game instead of coding.

Moving Platforms – coming soon 

In this example we’ve introduced a visual indicator for moving platforms and other scripts that use coordinates in the game world. A snazzy and complementary visual interface will make adding new platforms to your game easier than ever.

We hope you enjoy this update as much as we enjoyed making it.

Later this week (early next) we will be releasing a small but very important update that will greatly improve the speed at which games are download on certain school networks.

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