Make artwork and make games – Made easy!

Note: this feature is not currently available

With Gamefroot’s recent update you can now import any artwork from your DeviantART account straight into a Gamefroot game. Check out this video to see how easy it is for artists to customize their games!

Game Roundup – January


For the first month of 2013 we’ve had a load of good games produced on Gamefroot. Check out some of the ones we thought were pretty great:

Muffin Cave Quest

By Natasha Skye Bishop


Oh noes, the cave ceiling is collapsing! Grab as many muffins as you can, there’s no time to explain!




By Alvaro Aparicio


Batman vs Terminator Robots. Me gusta!


Teddo’s Odyssey

By Cass


Even though Cass says this is just a test level, it looks so cool! Can’t wait to see what comes next.



Bowserflame Challenge IX

By Bowserflame

If you’re still hungry even after collecting all those muffins, here are some cookies… and some lava. Don’t drink the lava.

Bowserflame’s Mega Blast

By Bowserflame

In this game, each time you collect a ball a new one spawns in a different location. The more blue balls you get, the higher your score goes, but you have to avoid getting shot by the enemies that constantly spawn from the top. A brilliant use of scripting by Bowserflame!

John’s Game

By Casonp

Kill the skeletons and dodge the obstacles. This game is a nicely done platformer – made in the classic Gamefroot style!
Great stuff, everybody!

If you think a game should be featured by us, then let us know! Leave a comment below, or on Twitter or Facebook.


Big things coming… in the next Gamefroot Update!

Get ready for some awesome new features coming soon to Gamefroot.

  • Insert images of any size into your game as terrain and items!
  • Spawn enemies with scripts!
  • Script commands to detect where the mouse is, and to use mouse clicks to trigger events!

What does that mean? Well, you will soon be able to make games like this:

Things are about to get a lot more interesting at Gamefroot, so stay tuned…




More War – New Characters and Tiles

For the low price of 280 credits, you can get all these new War themed characters and tiles! This pack builds upon the original World War II pack.

This pack includes: Vietnam War US Soldier, Vietcong Enemies, Desert Camo Soldier, Middle-Eastern Fighters, Insurgent Jeep, Huey Helicopter, Desert Tank, Helicopter gunner, Tank Gun, grassy ground tiles, desert ground tiles.

Go to the Gamefroot Level Editor and buy this pack now!

Bug fix: My level is pitch black!

We’ve added the ability for you to change the lighting level in your game, but there was a bug for a short while that removed all the light from some recently made games.

If you’re game is totally dark, here’s how to fix it:

Open the level up, go to Level Properties (in the File Menu), and then type 100 for level light. Save the changes, then save your game.

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Share your content with the world (and make money doing it!)

Note: this feature is not currently available.


With Gamefroot’s new Marketplace you can now share your game characters, terrain, items, music, sounds, and weapons with everyone. We love to see community generated content, and we think this is the next big step to having an amazing game creation experience.

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