Artist spotlight #1

Gamefroot is pleased to introduce Kings Vs. Pigs from our friends at Pixel Frog

Kings Vs. Pigs

It’s time to settle the age old question… Who would win? One king or swarms of pigs, all with detailed animations allowing them to hide in boxes, throw bombs and more! 

Battle King to Pig King, build awesome environments with beautiful tile brushes and decals! 

Make a fun and challenging level using the Kings Vs. Pigs pack. 

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Aotearoa 1840 – Code your own interactive timeline

The year is 2020. Here in New Zealand, year one of the new digital technologies learning area is upon us!

To help get the party started, Gamefroot has developed a new digital technologies learning resource to support future generations remember and learn about the 6th Feb 1840, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and the events that surrounded it.

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Make a slingshot game like Angry Birds

Note: this tutorial is out of date. You can combine the concepts here with this tutorial:

Angry Birds is one of the most popular mobile games ever made. It’s easy to see why – with it’s simple interface, bright cartoon visuals, fun physics simulations, and endless replayability, it keeps the player wanting to get just one more piggy knocked out. But you don’t need to be a big game studio to create your own game just like it.


Here’s what we’re going to create.

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Getting new assets from the Marketplace

Note: an updated version of this tutorial is here


Every game has to have assets! These are the images, animations, characters, terrain, items, buttons, sound effects, music, and scripts that are used to build your game. You can create your own assets, or you can grab an asset pack from the Marketplace. Most of them are free, and they can be used to quickly make a game. Here’s how:

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