Testing 1, 2, 3.0

We are days away from launching a new, more robust and feature rich version of Gamefroot.

Before we release Gamefroot 3.0 into the wilderness we want to give you, our beloved users, an opportunity to take a look and report any issues.

We’ve worked hard on this release and, while we are 99% confident there are no issues that could affect your game, we want your feedback first!

This is your chance to let us know what you think before we push the button.

Testers beyond this point

To begin testing the new Gamefroot:

> click this “test Gamefroot 3.0” link
> create a new user account
> start building!

If you have issues logging in try emptying your browser cache.

Remember this is a testing environment which is why we want you to create a new account. You will not be able to access or transfer files to or from regular Gamefroot.

How to report feedback

We want to hear what you think! If you find a bug, that’s great – we want to catch them all. But we also want to hear what you think about Gamefroot – new features, old features, problems and pleasantries.

Email your findings to developer@gamefroot.com

All feedback requires:

  • Subject beginning “Gamefroot 3”
  • A description of the issue or feedback

Bonus points for submitting a video! Make sure to mention “Gamefroot 3” in the title, and let us know about it.

Issue Reporting

If you do find a bug, we want to know about it. But we can’t look over your shoulder while you work. Here’s what we want to help us make Gamefroot better. Maybe you can’t get all of it, but we appreciate every bit.

  • A screenshot
  • Description of the bug.
  • Time and date you encountered the bug.
  • What were you were doing before the bug happened?
  • Had you saved the game? If so, was it saved more than once?
  • Does your game still load after the bug?
  • Does Gamefroot still run after the bug, without refreshing the page?
  • Can you replicate the bug, and if so, how?
  • Is your internet connection normally fast, or do you see problems on other sites?
  • Did Gamefroot report an error about connections?
  • Did Gamefroot say “Aw, snap!”?
  • Browser and browser version; Operating system version; Device information (what model of computer or laptop are you using?).
  • Contents of the browser console (accessible through Developer Tools in most browsers).
  • User ID number (you can find this by going to http://api.gamefroot.com:3000/v1/users after logging in)
  • Game ID number (if you have saved your game, this is at the end of the URL in your browser’s address bar)

In the event of a particularly interesting error, we might need to get access to your account. We can’t do this in the testing stage without your permission. We may have to ask you for your password. Do not use a password that you use for any other site or service! We do not need or want your secrets. If in doubt, use something silly like “password”. You can always change the password at any time.

For testing purposes, the site has functional commerce systems. We advise you do not sign up for any subscriptions, because they will not carry over to other versions of Gamefroot.


In fact, if you submit a video of your feedback, you’ll go in the draw to win a Vodafone smart phone. Draw ends on Thursday March 2nd 2017 at 9:00am NZT.

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