Gamefroot Update: V4.2 and beyond

Gamefroot have got all kinds of frooty plans for 2021; ranging from new features, lots of optimisations, and a new resource center that’ll be coming real soon. 

But for now Let’s take a closer look at what’s new in this 4.2 release. 

New Asset Packs – Tilemap Brushes

Game Development (and coding in general) is more than just coding slick algorithms. Designing and creating great games requires, among other things (e.g. rich story, great design, and captivating music) beautiful art work!

To help you experience what it’s like to make professional 2D games, we are going to regularly introduce professionally made game assets made by experienced game developers from around the world for you to use in your games. 

Stay tuned for our first artist spotlight coming out later today. Enjoy! 

Gamefroot speed improvements 

Every time you hit Play in Gamefroot, the game you’re creating a brand new HTML5 / JavaScript project. 

In Gamefroot V4.2 we have updated the underlying game engine to process images and graphics much faster. In a nut shell we’ve introduced some performance improvements to make games run better than ever.

Media Side Bar – asset previews

If Gamefroot V4, if you hover over an asset for more than a second it will display the image name and a full sized preview of that image. This feature will be improved over time to show you additional details like file size, and associated scripts.

Sound is back

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “when are you bringing sound back”. 

This feature is almost worthy of its own blog post but instead of keeping you waiting any longer, here it is, you can now add sound to your games. Stay tuned for tutorials and detailed instructions on how to use sound in your games.


And there you have it, new art assets, sound, performance and some usability improvements. We hope you enjoy this update, stay tuned for our next update which will include more tutorials, even more game assets, and some exciting new features. 

What are you waiting for?

– Head on over and start making your next game, or
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